The most outstanding topics of LIBERTY as a private label :

  • In 2009, LIBERTY managed a very impressive breakthrough in France, being a brand for exclusive flooring products! In those days UDIREV has been able to launch a very successful innovation : the Group has been offering an absolute first solution for removable LVT-flooring on the French market.
  • Liberty ORIGINAL-70 became the historic bench-mark for Loose-Lay LVT in France!
  • In several steps, the LIBERTY-ranges have progressively been extended to lots of innovations in product, design and color. Doing so, LIBERTY became an editor-developper and a specialist for flooring solutions in LVT.
  • Over the years, LIBERTY has been offering an exclusive range of products through all dealers and agencies of the Udirev-Group in France.
  • As from 2015, some of the Members of the Homedecor International Group, have started to sell LIBERTY-concepts into Finland, Spain, Switzerland and Italy.
  • During 2020, our Members in Germany and in the Republic of Ireland have launched LIBERTY-ranges on their markets !
  • In the course of 2021, our new UK-Members will also introduce some LIBERTY-concepts in the UK.
  • Many investors, architects, building companies, flooring-installers, etc. are now considering LIBERTY as legitimate and extremely solid brand for flooring products on the French market and elsewhere in Europe.
  • This success-story has been built on the very professional support of all teams of our Homedecor-Partners and particularly thanks to the, from the beginning, strong performances of the UDIREV-staffs, and to the very much performing service-levels of all warehousing- and logistic departments.
Thanks to these fabulous assets, LIBERTY has become a real brand in France, and has the clear ambition to develop itself towards a wellknown and very much respected international brand for many types of flooring.
December 2020