Sharing all experiences and knowledge about suppliers, products, market-trends, etc.
Comparing KPI’s for benchmarking best practices in order to improve all performances of the single members
Sharing all market information about evolutions of product-families, market-structures, technical aspects linked to installation, etc.
Developping a common brand-policy, mainly LIBERTY, based on common products, marketing-tools, graphic charter, etc.
Coming to cost-savings thanks to larger production-quantities of sample- and marketing-material.
Coming to better buying-prices thanks to a stronger concentration on the same suppliers and products.
As Homedecor has not the ambition to be a buying-group, each member can decide himself on products, tools, price-policy, etc. they want to run.
Homedecor is also offering to its members a library of products, technical specs, fitting instructions, in their own local languages, out of which they can select what is suitable for their market.
Following some of our very successful Homedecor-Companies, other Members will be putting more efforts in developping their commercial- or contract-activities, on top of their strong presence on the residential markets !
Homedecor offers the possibility to use each others stocks, at interesting prices.
July 2020